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Guitar Set up, Service and Re-stringing

To get the best from your instrument, you should have it checked and serviced at least once a year. We offer a full range of services for your guitar or bass from a simple re-string to a full service.

Re stringing starts from £6.50 and servicing starts from around £20, so treat your instrument to a little TLC.

Guitar Repairs

Sometimes, disasters happen . . . guitars get dropped, you fall over on stage, bits fall off, the kids use it as a goal post . . . well don’t panic !

We are not miracle workers but we can usually perform what seems like miraculous wonders if the worst should happen.

Amp Repairs and Servicing

Amps need servicing now and again. Even if they spend all thier lives sitting in your house, dust particles are attracted to the components and a build up can cause major issues. Get your amp serviced now & again to keep it in the best working order.

Prices for servicing and repairs are available in store .

Drum Repairs and Re-Heading

We carry spare lugs, heads, rims etc, and if you would prefer a professional re-head and tuning service for a single drum or a full kit, prices start from as little as a fiver.

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A great range of pre-owned and refurbished Acoustic Pianos

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