Use of your Personal Information


This privacy policy aims to explain how the personal data we may store about you and your purchase is collected, stored, processed and looked after. There may be changes to Rock Hard Music that may result in us needing to update this policy to reflect that. In this policy Rock Hard Music Ltd will be referred to as ‘we’ and ‘us’. We will do our best to use plain English in this policy and provide relevant examples throughout. Where necessary, examples will be highlighted in italic text.

Why do we need personal data?

To put it simply, we want to occasionally contact you with information such as our demo nights, in store promotions or changes here at the shop that may affect your decision when to visit us. This is within our legitimate interest as a business as we want to provide the most relevant service and information to our customers.

If you choose to withdraw your consent from us to contact you or do not fall within the scope of legitimate business interest we will be unable to contact you.

When placing an order with us in store or online we need to use your personal details to complete your sale. This may include us passing your details onto our couriers for deliver or external suppliers if we are having an item delivered directly to you.. Without this data we could not complete our contract of sale with you. Only relevant and limited data would be passed on to complete a sale.

If you make an enquiry with us we will use your personal data to facilitate the response. If you contact us regarding a complaint we may also collect and process your data to ensure we have heard and resolved your complaint. In the event of a return request we would also collect your data to ensure a returns authorisation can be granted.

We will use your personal data to help protect our business form fraud and other illegal activities that may occur through a sale. This may include, but is not limited to carrying out fraud checks and where necessary passing any relevant data onto law enforcement agencies.

You can opt out from any consent you have given us at any time. However, there may be times when we would need to contact you again to let you know of changes to products and services we provide as a business. There may be times when it is necessary for us to contact you to let you know of a product recall, this would give us a legitimate reason to contact you.

What are my rights with my personal data and us?

These rights are universal and not specific to us. You have several rights over your data, some of the most important are:

You can request access to the data we store about you and then change and correct this once provided.

At any time you can withdraw consent you have previously given us. Doing so would remove you from future marketing. You can choose to withdraw consent by contacting us and requesting this, alternatively you will find unsubscribe buttons at the bottom of marketing emails from us.

You may request the data we hold on you at any time, you can do this by contact us using the contact us method online. Our Data Protection Officer will review your request once made and make you aware of the outcome in a timely manner.

Why do we need to collect data?

We use data in all areas of our business:

Through your contract of sale with us there are reasons for us to collect your data to ensure we can safely and securely complete this agreement. When we complete a sale we would take your personal details, address and contact information to ensure we can deliver your order to you.

In some scenarios we may collect, process and store your data with your consent. This could happen if you agree through a tick box to giving us consent to provide you with newsletter and deals relating to your existing business with us. When we ask for your consent we will always try to make it as clear as possible what you are agreeing to.

We may use your data to facilitate our legitimate business interests within a reasonable and restricted scope of running a business.

In most cases we may be required to collect and process your data to comply with other legal requirements and needs. If you use a finance product to pay for your order, we may need to give data we hold on you to them, so they can make an informed decision on your finance agreement. In this example they may rely on other agencies (such as fraud prevention and credit agencies) to gain further information to support their decision.

When searching for products through search engines your data may be collected through a cookie to help us track what items you have looked at and market offers along with other advertising channels. Further details of this can be found in our cookie policy.

When do we collect your personal data?

There are many times we collect data, sometimes it will be obvious (providing your personal information for a delivery) and other occasions it may not be as clear (when emailing, calling or chatting with us.) These are some examples of times we may collect your data:

We will collect, process and pass your data onto financial product providers when you want to use a finance product to pay for your order.

At the point of any purchase, enquiry, return or complaint we will collect personal data about you and your purchase.

In store our CCTV systems may record you during a visit.

When you leave a review for us using TrustPilot, Google or own product review system.

When you contact us on social media.

When you enter a competition of promotion linked to us.

When you visit our website, your cookie will be collected by ourselves and third parties that help us track sales and advertise.

While these are some examples of times we may collect data they are not limited to this.

What sort of personal data may we collect?

These are examples of the forms of data we may collect from you, due to scope and complexity of our business these examples are not exhaustive.

When you choose to collect an order from store we may collect copies of ID to prove your identity. The ID we request will usually be photo ID and address ID though this may change and we would contact you in these cases.

Placing an order in store or online will require similar sorts of data. We may collect your name, address, purchase information, receipt history, email addresses, telephone numbers and any other data that will help us complete our contract of sale with you.

Your payment information will be collected in store when paying by card.

When shopping with us in store or online we may collect personal data with your consent in order to keep in contact with you.

Any comments and products you review may be collected.

What will we do to protect your personal data?

When you connect with us through our website we will ensure all areas of our site are secured with HTTPS. When you pay using a credit card on our website or through a payment link your card details will not be stored by us, but will be securely passed onto our card processing agent using industry standard methods.

Our IT systems are regularly maintained and monitored to ensure they are as secure as is reasonably expected to deter and defend against cyber-attacks.

How long will we retain your personal data?

We will only keep your data as long as we need to. This will change depending on the type of data. Through regular audits we may identify your data as no longer required to be stored and we will delete it.

Who else may your data be shared with?

We promise not to sell or give any data we have on our system to anyone other that those who are necessary . This may include us passing your personal information onto delivery agents and suppliers who deliver directly to you from external warehouses. When we share your data with any other party we will only share limited and relevant data.

When we investigate possible fraud attempts we may share your personal data with different external agencies to help us to understand if a transaction is genuine. This may result in us choosing to share data of fraudulent activity with law enforcement agencies.

If we are exporting goods to you, we are often required to share your personal data with the relevant import bodies in the country of delivery. We would comply with any request with a view of completing our contract of sale with you in the most efficient and expeditious manner.

How do you make a complaint or raise a dispute? If you believe that have not managed your data correctly and in line with our policy the first step is to contact us and make us aware of this. We will always do our best to resolve a dispute quickly. We will do our best to comply with your request and resolve your dispute, this may require an investigation. If we are unable to resolve your dispute in a satisfactory manner you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (

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